The Sharpe ratio is defined as the returns of an asset divided by its volatility. Sharpe is a measure of steady growth. While some individual currencies are sure to outperform, they will do so with plenty of volatility, giving many investors vertigo. Our goal is to provide the highest Sharpe ratio of any investment in the cryptocurrency world. The CryptX token is designed to march diligently upward as the asset class gains in strength and popularity. If the asset class goes up, the CryptX token will become more valuable.

The CryptX token can also have down days, just as the S&P 500 does. But, because all these cryptocurrencies are relatively uncorrelated, it’s hard to imagine the CryptX token going down too far. Only in the event that all cryptocurrencies go down significantly will the CryptX token shed a large portion of its value.

For Investors new to Cryptoinvesting

Cryptoinvesting has five main asset classes:

  • Currencies
  • App/system tokens
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Land, and other real-world assets

For our first product, we focus on currencies and app/system tokens which are often the dual roles of a single token. We also include a commodity coin, and there may be others. In general, we use the term “coin” to refer to a currency, and “token” when it has another function. Therefore, bitcoins are cryptocurrencies, but a tiny fraction of bitcoins that carries a contract to represent the value of something else would be a token.

Are you interested in cryptocurrencies but terrified of the volatility? You’re not alone. Many people would be happy to give up some of the upside if they could rest easy that the downside would not be as dramatic as what they see with bitcoin and ether. The CryptX index token is like the S&P 500 - it gives you exposure to the entire asset class, from bitcoin to some obscure alt coins, and everything in between. You can’t tell which coins will rise and which will fall. We’ve done the work for you by making it easy to invest in the entire asset class and capture the “beta” of all cryptocurrencies rising together.

"I'm looking forward to the launch of this token. It makes so much sense. Most of my friends and I are interested in cryptocurrency, we’ve been watching the rise of bitcoin, but we're not going to buy bitcoin - too many surprises." - Stacy Rosenblatt, investor (investor in 20|30)

For Experienced Cryptoinvestors

You probably own bitcoin and perhaps ethereum. You have faith in those two, or perhaps ETC. You may even have a handful of other popular coins. But did you buy Dash when it was worth ten cents? You couldn’t have known that Dash would become as big as it has.

We can’t see the future. Anyone who’s been investing in cryptocurrencies has experienced that first hand. We want to give you a tool for buying alt coins without cherry picking them. We want to give you all of them - all the large-cap and mid-cap coins in a single token that lets you dial in the performance vs stability of your portfolio to suit your style.

The CryptX token gives you exposure to a large number of up-and-coming coins. You can buy your favorites and add CryptX tokens to give you a fully customized portfolio.

  • For a more aggressive, more volatile mix, take about 20 percent of your crypto holdings and put it into the CryptX token.
  • For a more safe, less volatile portfolio, take about 80 percent of your crypto holdings and put it into the CryptX token.
“CryptX is smart. I believe in the 20|30 team and their “smart beta” approach to investing.”
- Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel, business advisor (investor in 20|30)

The CryptX token is unregulated. It’s not a cryptocurrency, an equity, or an ETF. We don’t use smart contracts. Any investor who buys our token should understand the risks.

We will publish a full prospectus, but for now, here are the main points:

  • We always purchase the exact number of coins that our tokens represent.
  • We are working on a multi-blockchain explorer, so you can see all our tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and all the constituent coins we have on their various blockchains. You’ll be able to verify that the two values are equal.
  • We are under contract with you to maintain the 1:1 relationship between the coins and the portfolio.
  • We publish the NAV daily.
  • We give you the right to redeem your tokens and take delivery of all the coins (but, frankly, we hope no one ever does).
  • We will never sell coins, except under very special circumstances (see our prospectus).
  • We will work hard to establish the CryptX as the benchmark for our industry.
We hope to list our tokens on several popular exchanges, but it isn’t easy getting them to do so. We are interested in talking with any exchange about listing our product.
We are building
the CryptX token
system now
We plan a special offering when we launch our token, and we have much more coming. We want people to learn how to apply good portfolio design to blockchain-based tokens. Sign up for our mailing list. We’ll notify you of our progress, products, and thoughts on cryptoinvesting.

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